Year 2 Trial Plans - 2021

Updated 08/03/21

2021 brings the second year of the ASHEEP / MLA Pasture Variety Trials, with greater knowledge and insight from the first year of trials. With this learning has come some variation to the project moving forward. 

Originally in year 2 all trials were to be half cropped to a cereal and half left bare to monitor regeneration the second year. The whole Grass Patch site from 2020 will be cropped due to limited seed set. This decision is also as a preventative measure against high weed burden and management issues for the grower in the future. The site will be monitored to see what regenerates in year 3. The Neridup site is set to follow this plan, awaiting confirmation from MLA. Any further monitoring of the Salmon Gums 2020 site will not occur as no regeneration is expected due to drought conditions. 

The Grass Patch and Neridup sites will remain on the same properties but in slightly different locations. The Grass Patch site will be moved to a location with less background Medic. The Sandplain site is moving to clayed country in the hope for a better trial establishment and to prevent the trial blowing. There will not be a trial in Salmon Gums in 2021 with it moving to Simeon Roberts property in Cascade. The producer of the year 1 Salmon Gums site, like many in the area have gone out of livestock due to extended dry and challenging conditions. Despite this move of site, the trial outcomes of Cascade will still be relative to the producers in the Salmon Gums area. 


There have been alterations to the pasture varieties being trialled in sites for year 2, as these are confirmed ASHEEP will update its members and this website. In the first year Planet Barley was in all three trials. Being susceptible to Spot Type Net Blotch as the season progressed it was seen across all trials. This year a foliar application will be included to prevent such disease occurring throughout the trials. 

Contact ASHEEP if you would like more information on this project. ASHEEP members will be provided with regular updates, visit our membership page if you would like to consider joining. The sites will also be showcased at field days.


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