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ASHEEP Projects & Activities


2023 - 2027

Meat & Livestock Australia Producer Demonstration Site


2022 - 2026

Meat & Livestock Australia Producer Demonstration Site

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2021 - 2024

ASHEEP self-funded project with In Kind support. 



Autumn, Winter, Spring & Cattle Field Days, workshops that have recently included working dog & stock handling, bull management, identifying causes of lamb deaths, understanding rhizobia and maximising sheep reproduction.


2022 - 2026

Meat & Livestock Australia Producer Demonstration Site


2022 - 2026

ASHEEP project in collaboration with Orion Ag Consulting


2020 - 2024

Meat & Livestock Australia Producer Demonstration Site



Funded by Australian Wool Innovation and supporting partners. This school is coordinated by ASHEEP, it is held in Esperance in July each year, creating a pathway for young people to enter the shearing industry.


2022 - 2026

Meat & Livestock Australia Producer Demonstration Site


2022 - 2024

Pasture research to fill feed gaps led by DPIRD


2020 - 2024

Participating in an AgPro Management MLA PDS

Industry Committee Representation


ASHEEP has representatives on a number of industry committees, recently including the AWI Woolgrower Industry Consultation Panel, the Sheep & Goat NLIS Advisory Group, the Dryland Legume Pasture Project Steering Committee, & more.

Past Project & Activities

  • SafeSheds Pilot (2022) in collaboration with WA Shearing Industry Association and AWI 

  • Merinolink Flock DNA Profile (2018-2022) project supported by Merinolink, MLA, Sheep Gentics & Sheep CRC

  • Novel Pastures in Dryland Pasture Systems (2017-2022) in collaboration with Murdoch University

  • Fixed Time AI of Heifers in Commercial Farming Systems (2017-2020) an MLA Producer Demonstration Site in collaboration with Swans Veterinary Services

  • Foot & Mouth Disease Ready (2018-2022) project as a pilot group in collaboration with Charles Sturt University

  • Perennial pasture variety trial site- inherited from Ron Master at DAFWA

  • Phosphorus Efficient Pastures (2016-2020) as a research partner with CSIRO funded by Rural R&D for Profit program, MLA, Dairy Australia & AWI

  • Putting Wormboss into Practice (2017-2019) funded by AWI

  • Ovine Johnes Disease Management Plan (2014-2017) for Esperance Region supported by MLA

  • Development of Lamb Planner (2003) & a prototype of Weaner Planner (2007-2009). The Lamb Planner was published in conjunction with DPIRD. It is available in hardcopy from DPIRD (Version 3) or to download as a phone app for Android and Apple. The app was most recently updated in 2023 and a new version is available. ASHEEP is in ongoing communication with DPIRD regarding the ongoing update and functionality of the app.

  • Legumes in Kikuyu (2014-2018) Producer Demonstration Site funded by MLA

  • NYPA Forage Trial (2018)

  • Perennial Grass Demonstration Site (2017) in collaboration with Albany Department of Primary Industries

  • 'Pasture Legumes in Mixed Farming Zones in WA & NSW', (2013-2016) as a research partner with Murdoch, funded by MLA & AWI

  • Grain & Graze (2011-2013) research partner

  • Pilot group for The Sheep’s Back network

  • Study tours throughout the Southern / South-West regions of WA, Tasmania, and to South Africa, New Zealand, the Middle East & Sardinia.

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