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Updated 21/08/20

ASHEEP pitched a Pasture Variety Trials project in Meat and Livestock Australia's (MLA) 2019 round of funding for producer demonstration sites. The project was accepted and results are coming through from the first year of trials, with South East Agronomy Research managing the sites.

The project will run over a five year period, comparing different varieties of pasture (annuals and perennials) across a range of soil types. In the first two years of the project we will run smaller trials and then progress to commercial scale demonstration sites. By identifying the most suitable varieties for the environment we aim to enable producers to identify opportunities to increase productivity.

Sites have been selected to cover a range of soil types and rainfall zones, as well as having good access to visit for field days. Download the soil test results here. Project updates will be posted periodically via the blog updates below.

Site visit at Grass Patch, 19th August 2020.

Snail Medic at Grass Patch, 19th August 2020.

A tale of 2 worlds: Grass Patch - 125mm GSR (Top) Salmon Gums - 70mm GSR (Bottom). Planet Barley and Illabo wheat sown at the 2 locations 3 days apart in early April. Photo 18th August 2020.

0-60cm Soil Cores, from the trial sites. Top to bottom: Salmon Gums, Grass Patch, Sandplain.

Site 1: Salmon Gums

Profile: Heavy clay, rain 330mm p/annum, 8PH 

​11 varieties x 4 replications. Sown 6th April 2020.

  • Illabo Wheat 80 kg/ha

  • Planet Barley 50 kg/ha

  • RM4 Vetch 25 kg/ha

  • Tetila Ryegrass 10 kg/ha

  • SARDI grazing Lucerne 5 kg/ha

  • Casbah Biserrula 5 kg/ha

  • Cobra Balansa Clover 5 kg/ha

  • Snail Medic 5 kg/ha

  • Sultan SU Tolerant Medic 5 kg/ha

  • Paradana Balansa Clover 5 kg/ha

  • Cavalier Medic 5 kg/ha

Site 2: Grass Patch

Profile: Medium loam, rain 370mm p/annum, approx. 7.5PH

11 varieties x 4 replications. Sown 3rd April 2020.

  • Illabo Wheat 80 kg/ha

  • Planet Barley 80 kg/ha

  • RM4 Vetch 25 kg/ha

  • Tetila Ryegrass 12 kg/ha

  • Mawson Subclover 6 kg/ha

  • SARDI Grazer Lucerne 5kg/ha

  • Casbah Biserrula 5kg/ha

  • Cobra Balansa Clover 5kg/ha

  • Snail Medic 5 kg/ha

  • Leafmore Grazing Brassica 5 kg/ha

  • Paradana Balansa Clover 5kg/ha

Site 3: Neridup

Profile: Sandplain light soils, rain 500-550mm p/annum, approx. 5PH 

9 varieties x 3 replications. Sown 11th May 2020. Dry start, wind events and subsequent weed issues resulted in this site being sprayed out on 12th July 2020. Biomass cuts of surviving varieties were taken prior to spraying. The site was resown on 6th August 2020.

  • Illabo Wheat 100 kg/ha

  • Planet Barley 80 kg/ha

  • RM4 Vetch 30 kg/ha

  • Tetila ryegrass 15 kg/ha

  • SARDI grazer Lucerne 5 kg/ha

  • Dalkeith Subclover Panic 5 kg/ha

  • Dynamo Turnip Grazing Brassica 5 kg/ha

  • Paradana Balansa Clover 5 kg/ha

  • Megamax Panic 5 kg/ha

Contact ASHEEP if you would like more information on this project. ASHEEP members will be provided with regular updates, visit our membership page if you would like to consider joining. The sites will also be showcased at field days.


Salmon Gums site freshly sown, 06/04/2020.

Grass Patch site being sown, 03/04/2020.

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