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Sheep, cattle & pasture grower group

ASHEEP (Association for Sheep Husbandry, Excellence, Evaluation & Production Inc) is a grower group with a core focus on raising sheep and cattle production standards, and maximising the profitability of our members. The group was set up by local producers in 2003, and since inception has expanded to include cattle and worked proactively to promote best practice, participate in research projects, deliver trials and demonstrations, build industry relationships and address issues arising in the livestock industry throughout the Esperance region. 

We are based in the Esperance area covering a wide variety of rainfall zones and soil types. We don’t favour particular systems or breeds over another, rather seek to evaluate and highlight best practice in livestock husbandry and production. Whilst our activities are predominantly focused in the Esperance region, ASHEEP welcomes members from around Australia.

Cattle Field Day 2020.jpeg


To raise the production standards of members to maximise profitability.
How we deliver:
Strategic Plan


  • Establishment of the Ovine Johnes Disease sub committee to manage OJD in the Esperance area through testing, improved biosecurity and education.


  • Development of Lamb Planner & a prototype of Weaner Planner

  • Involved in working group that saw the only truck wash in the area re-opened (Myrup Truck Wash)

  • Self-funded with four employees

  • Pilot group for The Sheep’s Back network

  • First in the area to run auto-drafting and electronic ID trials & workshops

  • Leader in research into lamb survival, including predation, fencing and shelter


Our Team

ASHEEP is not for profit, incorporated organisation run by a committee of 12 volunteer farmers. The committee ensures the activities undertaken by ASHEEP align with our strategic plan. 


ASHEEP is self-funded through sponsorship and membership, and also benefits from the support of project funding bodies such as Australian Wool Innovation, Meat & Livestock Australia, and government.


Executive Officer: Sarah Brown

Bookkeeper: Jan Clawson

Project Officer: Courteney Pengilly 


Chair: David Vandenberghe

Vice: Nick Ruddenklau

Treasurer: Alan Hoggart


  • Enoch Bergman

  • Simon Fowler

  • Thomas Pengilly

  • Ashley Reichstein

  • Josh Sullivan

  • Mark Walter

  • Scott Welke

  • Karina West

  • Ryan Willing


Chair: Ryan Willing


  • Enoch Bergman

  • Simon Fowler

  • Wes Graham

  • Jake Hann

  • Ian McCallum

  • Nick Ruddenklau

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