Sheep, cattle & pasture grower group

The Association for Sheep Husbandry, Excellence, Evaluation and Production

Formed in 2003, ASHEEP was set up by producers to proactively address issues arising in the livestock industry throughout the Esperance region. 

Since inception the organisation has worked to turn around declining sheep numbers, increase the number of young people in the industry, refine the role of sheep in the farming system and expanded to include cattle producers in its focus.


ASHEEP is member-based and works to extend relevant information to livestock producers through field days, newsletters, social media and workshops. Memberships from the Esperance region and beyond are welcomed.


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ASHEEP Esperance

PO Box 2445

Esperance WA 6450

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Disclaimer: The Association of Sheep Husbandry, Excellence, Evaluation and Production (ASHEEP) does not accept any liability whatsoever by reason of negligence or otherwise arising from use or release of this information or any part of it.